BJSM opposes eviction of tribal people from Mas


KOKRAJHAR, Feb 24: Bodoland Jajati Suraksha Manch (BJSM), Kokrajhar, has strongly condemned the eviction of tribal people from their homes in Betbari village near Mas tiol Park despite being protected class of people in the 6th schedule tribal area administration.

He also demanded that the Assam government should evict the suspected foreign encroachers from tribal land.

BJSM president Basumatary said the government has failed to protect the protected reserved tribal land for tribal people as per Assam Land and Land Revenue Regulation Act 1886 as amended in 1947.

He said large areas of protected reserved tribal land were allowed to occupy illegally by non protected people depriving the tribal from their exclusive land rights under ALLRR Act., and Forest Dwellers Act. 2006.

“There are several pending petitions for eviction of non protected people, who have illegally occupied the protected tribal land in Assam and BTC area. Both Assam government and BTC administration are not taking any action to evict the non-protected people including foreigners, immigrants of other states of India,” he said.

“Ramdev’s Patanjali and Jamiat E Ulema-all have illegally occupied the reserved tribal land people and reserved forest land, reserved grazing land and riverine land despite clear instruction from PMO to govt. of Assam to take necessary action as per law to evict the illegal occupiers of tribal land and restore it to the tribal people. Instead of taking action against the illegal occupiers of tribal land the govt. is indulging to evict the protected tribal people from their occupation of forest land although tribals are protected by Assam Land and Land Revenue Regulation Act. 1886 as amended in 1947 and Forest Dwellers Act. 2006. The govt. of Assam instead of asking tribals to vacate their land within seven days they should complete the eviction of non protected unqualified people from illegal occupation of tribal reserved land, forest reserved land, wildlife sanctuary and reserved grazing field within 7 days from the date they announced as per Assam Land law, Forest dwellers Act., Assam Forest Act”, he said adding that the govt. cannot use armed forces against protected tribal people to terrorize them which will violate the human rights and UN charter resolution of 2007 against the  protection of indigenous aborigil tribal people.

The Bodoland Jajati Suraksha Manch asked Assam government to act according to law and not to discrimite the protected people in providing safety and security from encroachers of non protected people and depriving them their right guaranteed in the constitution.

Basumatary said as per Forest Dwellers Act tribals occupying forest land more than three years should be declared as village and tribals should get allotment in the area.

He also said tribals near Mas have been living at the land for last 28 years, so instead of evicting them within seven days they should be allotted the land.

Basumatary also demanded that the suspected tiolities should be evicted within seven days as per law of the land.