Blocked drain cleared of fallen trees

Our Correspondent
Silchar, April 25: A huge tree along with a few branches of some trees that had been laying in a drain located at Netaji road in Subhash Nagar of this town for the last 7 years or so, was lifted through a crane on Wednesday at the initiative, direction and supervision of Niharendra Narayan Thakur, chairperson of Silchar Municipal Board (SMB), Rina Paul, ward commissioner of Ward No 21 and some local residents of that area. Niharendra Narayan Thakur, who was present at that time said, “This colossal tree had been blocking the passage of water in the drain. Problems of water coagulation and stagnation will cease to exist now.”
“Many parts of the town face problems related to water stagnation. Drain water from DIG Bungalow to Ambicapatty areas flushes out through Rangirkhari drain at Subhash Nagar point. There is a sluice gate at Subhash Nagar point and it is the same spot on which the tree fell down some 7 years ago. Rina Paul had been trying hard to remove the tree from the spot. But this time she has been successful. Another small tree which is laying there will be lifted quickly,” the chairperson added to say.