Bongaigaon DC lays stress on developing tourism in the district

From our Correspondent

Bongaigaon, Feb 4: “To promote tourism in Bongaigaon district, the district administration has planned to construct a one-stop arrangement for the tourists,” said Biswajit Pegu, Bongaigaon Deputy Commissioner, while talking to The Sentinel on Saturday.

He said that Bongaigaon district had high potential for tourism with different spots blessed with tural beauty. “Among these spots, the major one is the Kakoija proposed wildlife sanctuary which is famous for rare species of animals like the Golden Langur. The rock-cut caves in Jogighopa in the bank of the Brahmaputra River are under survey of the Archeological department. We are hopeful about this site. The Tamranga Lake also has much potential to become an attractive tourist spot if we can develop more facilities. Koyakujia, which is endowed with tural beauty, is another major site. In the beautiful place Nigomhola, many tree houses have already been constructed. Other potential tourist sports are the ancient Bageswari Temple in the heart of the town and Lalmati Duramari Ganesh Temple,” he said.

“We have a master plan to promote tourism in our district. I think the basic important thing for this is to provide facilities for tourists. Hence I have a plan for constructing a one-stop arrangement where tourists will get all kinds of facilities, including accommodation, refreshment, information and communication within a single campus.  As per our plan, we need 10 bighas to 15 bighas land for constructing it. We are looking for such a place but in my view, Kakoija will be ideal for it. This arrangement will give all facilities to the tourists within the campus along with employment opportunity for the local people of this area,” he said.

“Already we have communicated with the tourism department. Few NGOs and local people are doing commendable work in this sector. But above all, I think publicity is the most important thing to attract tourists. We are going to intensify our effort in publicity so that people from abroad may also know about the tourism potential of this region. With the objective of promoting tourism, the mami Brahmaputra Festival will be held in the first week of April in several districts of Assam. mami Brahmaputra means ‘Obeisance to the Brahmaputra’. It will showcase the beauty and glory of the mighty river and the land it flows through. The festival will be celebrated in Jogighopa of Bongaigaon in the bank of the Brahmaputra. We hope this festival will give a lot of publicity about the tourism resources of this region. This is just the initial step but we are very hopeful about it,” said the Deputy Commissioner.