Bongaigaon farmer gets award for Apple Ber farming

Our Correspondent

Bongaigaon, July 9: A farmer from Bongaigaon has won accolades at the national level for his cultivation of Apple Ber. Gaziur Rahman from Dompara Pundibari area of Bongaigaon district won the Jagjiban Ram Avinaba Kishan Award, 2017, declared on Sunday by the Government of India. The Government of India has published a list of 12 farmers (one for each zone). Among these, Rahman was selected from zone number 6.

He has been awarded for his Apple Ber farming which brought a renaissance in this region. Earlier, Rahman received district-level award in the year 2013 and State-level award in 2017. He was also awarded by the Assam Agriculture University. He was the only representative farmer from the Northeast.