Book on neolithic findings released


SHILLONG, Feb 4: The folktales of the Khasis which were handed over from one generation to another orally have now been scientifically proven through an excavation work carried out by a group of experts. “The work carried out by us has proven true the folklores of the Khasis about Lumsohpetbneng. We have heard folktales about it but now it has been proven,” said Desmond Kharmawphlang, a folklorist while addressing the media on Saturday.

Lum Sohpetbneng – vel heavenly umbilical peak symbolizes the deep rooted spiritual belief of the Hynniewtrep race who believe that they descended to Earth from a golden vine bridge atop the sacred U Lum Sohpetbneng peak, to be crowned rulers of creations of the divine creator- U Blei.

Dr Hiambok Syiemlieh from North Eastern Hill University’s (NEHU) Geography department said that while they were carrying out the excavation work even a small trivial looking object was also preserved by them since they knew that these were very significant discoveries. “An insignificant looking object was also picked up since we knew that it will be very important to us,” Dr Syiemlieh said. “Now we have documented our findings into a book so that the future generations can make use of it,” he added.

Dr Marco Mitri, an archaeologist, informed that through whatever findings the team made it can be said that the Khasis only after reaching Lum Sohpetbneng filly had sedentary settlement. Dr Mitri, however, said this settlement may have taken them several years and it did not happen all of a sudden. He also stated that through their excavation work it can safely be said that the Khasis were one of the first settlers in the Northeast.

It may be mentioned that researchers discovered some Neolithic stone and iron implements relating to indigenous Khasi culture of Khasi Hills region. Stone and iron implements of pre-historical period dating back to 1220 BC were found. These remain consists of typical Neolithic materials like spindle, stone implements and iron implements.

Meanwhile, on Saturday, noted jourlist of the state, Sumar Sing Sawian released a book translated into Khasi – Ka Thymmei Lariti Bad Ka Kha Pateng u Lum Sohpetbneng written by Richard S Wahlang and Adella R Sawian.