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Border Police helpless, foreigners keep fleeing

Thumb impressions kept by Border Police are of no use when they come to nabbing absconding foreigners

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GUWAHATI, June 24: Border Police personnel seem to be helpless when it comes to foreigners doing the vanishing act even though the police are equipped with thumb impressions and photographs of the fleeing foreigners. The task forces of the State police have failed to do much headway to stop the menace.

According to the latest report made available by the State government, as many as 56,607 declared foreigners have been absconding. The Gauhati High Court had expressed its concern over such a large number of declared foreigners doing the vanishing act in the State. With a view to stopping the threat posed by such vanishing illegal immigrants, the Border Police adopted a measure to take left and right thumb impressions and photographs of people of suspected nationalities before sending their cases to the foreigners tribunals. However, when put to practice, such modus operandi seem to have failed due to the lack of any online data storing facility that can help match such thumb impressions of absconding foreigners taken before their declaration as foreigners and after declaration. The thumb impressions and photographs of people of suspected nationalities taken by the Border Police have not been streamlined, rendering their matching with news ones almost impossible.

The State Government also has some 500 task forces to nab the absconding declared foreigners. Such task forces have also failed to make much headway – nabbing only 1,563 absconding foreigners so far. Thirteen absconding foreigners were caught from Tinsukia in March this year when 31 such declared foreigners doing the vanishing act were nabbed by the task forces from the State.

In such a situation it is imperative on the part of Dispur to use modern technology to make such thumb impressions, photographs and other means that are used as tools in nabbing foreigners more user-friendly for Border Police personnel. Will it wake up to the situation?

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