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Branded potable water has evil twins in market!

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GUWAHATI, June 12: It appears that few edibles are safe in Assam. Now it has come to light that no potables, not even water, is safe in the State. Potable water being sold in the State by reputed firms has its evil twins – locally available water filled in containers of reputed brands – in the market!

On the trail of a complaint lodged by Silver Drop, an agency dealing with potable water, Dispur police caught a mini carriage (AS25CC1948) carrying potable under various reputed brands on Monday night from the Rukminigaon area in Guwahati. The police have come to know on examination that the contents (drinking water) inside the big containers are not from the companies as the labels on them suggest. Though the containers have labels of a number of reputed companies doing business on potable water, the water inside is not from those companies. The 56 containers with such labels are found to have been filled with water by unscrupulous traders here locally. Thus it has been proved beyond doubt that various brands of drinking water being marketed by reputed companies have their evil twins in Assam, especially in Guwahati.

The situation in Assam has come to such a pass that nothing is safe here. Of late, people are scared of consuming seasonal fruits like mango and banana as they are found to have been ripened artificially by using chemicals. As though to cap it all, there are reports on Tuesday that food safety officials in Guwahati had to destroy a huge quantity of milk because of adulteration. Where is the State heading for?