Brazil coach bemoans bad luck against Belgium

Kazan, July 7: Luck was not on Brazil’s side here in their defeat to Belgium in a World Cup quarterfinal, the South Americans’ coach said afterward, even as he praised the performance of the Belgians. “Randomness, accidents, they happen. And today they happened. It hurts to say that. That is not to undermine Belgium, who are a great team. But chance was cruel to us. It was so hard and it is very hard to accept,” Tite told reporters.

“Football has a randomness but I don’t like to talk about luck. When it is on our side it is a polite way of putting down the opponent. So I don’t believe in luck. Was Courtois lucky? No, he was great. It hit the woodwork, what can you do. Belgium were competent and effective,” Tite said.

“We had the upper hand for two-thirds of the game, a very high quality game,” the Brazil coach said. “Belgium turned their chances into goals. It’s very difficult to say this but it was a great game. Two very impressive teams technically.” IANS