Brazil is ready to win World Cup, says Cafu

Sao Paulo, May 20: The Brazilian national team is over its humiliating loss in the 2014 World Cup and pumped to win another title in Russia, retired star Cafu said. “They’re all experienced players. Despite being young, the majority (of the players) have taken part in importanat competitions,” said Cafu, captain of the team that won Brazil’s fifth World Cup title in 2002.

Germany blasted Brazil 7-1 in the 2014 World Cup semifinals in Belo Horizonte, Brazil. The 47-year-old Cafu said he was “optimistic” about Brazil’s chances of “having a great World Cup,” adding that he expected Neymar to be at the top of his game and help prove that the loss to Germany was a fluke.

“He’s going to the World Cup with the obligation of showing that what happened in 2014 was an accident,” Cafu said, adding that the time Neymar spent off the field recovering from an injury was a positive turn of events.

“I believe that the time he had to recover, rest and clear his head of the demands of soccer did him lots of good,” the former defender said.

Cafu, played in 148 matches with the national team and competed in four World Cups, signed autographs Saturday at a shopping centre in Sao Paulo. IANS