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Brazil open criminal probe against fans

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Moscow, June 22: The Brazil federal public prosecutor’s office has opened a criminal investigation against Brazilian fans who recorded and spread an indecent video while staying in Russia for the 2018 FIFA World Cup. “The Federal Public Prosecutor’s Office in the Federal District opened a criminal probe to investigate a crime of insult, allegedly committed by Brazilians during their stay in Russia, against a foreign woman, according to a video widely publicized in the press and social network,” the prosecutor’s office said in a statement published on their official website. The video shows several men wearing Brazil’s national team shirts and chanting sexually offensive words in the presence of a woman who, being a foreigner, could not understand what they said. Earlier in the week, Latam Brasil airlines fired an employee who recorded himself in a video with three foreign women, while staying in Russia during the World Cup, urging them to repeat phrases with sexual content in Portuguese. IANS