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Bridge in Southern China collapses, cars plunge into water

Southern China
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Guwahati: A shocking incident of a bridge collapsing in China has created quite a sensation. Video footage of the same has gone viral and has compelled one to give it a thought that an accident might just happen at any time with anyone.

The footage shows a bridge in Southern China’s Heyuan city collapsing all of a sudden while two cars were already crossing the river through the bridge. The sudden collapse led the two cars to plunge into the river. The bridge is situated over the Dongjiang river in Guangdong province.

As stated by Heyuan city police, around 120-metre (390-foot) section of the bridge collapsed and the incident took place on early morning Friday. Two security guards deployed on duty nearby saw the accident happening who came rushing and rescued a 44-year-old man. However, there were two other men as well who are still missing.

The bridge constituted of six arches of which two arches fell apart in a matter of few seconds. Although the reason behind the falling of the bridge is not known immediately, an investigation is underway. The immediate reason behind the collapse is being stated that due to heavy rain in Southern China, the region experienced flooding and a strong current in the river. The flood has killed at least 61 people in the city. It is perhaps the current in the river that weakened the bridge to force it to collapse at a time.

The heavy rain has made life miserable for people living in Southern China as apart from this incident of the bridge collapse, it also faced landslide in its Longyan City.

Such instances of natural calamity falling heavily on the man-made objects are a common view today which proves it again and again that nothing can escape the natural disasters. when it comes to facing natural disasters, man-made objects can rarely face it.


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