‘Budget gives direction to Assam growth story’

Guwahati, 7 Feb: Ranjit Barthakur, Chairman FICCI, North East Advisory Council said today “This is a pragmatic budget targeted at giving a boost to the State’s long term economic prospects. The fince Minister has done a commendable balancing act keeping long term goals in mind while addressing immediate and pressing issues.  Schemes like SVAYEM and the scheme for setting up SHGs for women will aid entrepreneurship and employment generation. The plan to create the ‘Departments of Act East’ and Pravasi Bharatiyas are important steps and I hope these departments will be used to further enhance the state’s economic linkages with the world. He added. The Big Cities Amenities Development Fund (BCADF) is a welcome move and so is the plan to convert 1000 Timber Bridges into RCC Bridges and construction of Rail Over Bridges. The Amar Alohi scheme has the potential to provide employment to large number of people. Welfare schemes for tea community like wage compensation for pregnt, temporary workers of tea-gardens are also a welcome move. However, a comprehensive scheme for rejuvetion of the tea industry is the need of the hour. This was stated in a press release.