‘Build Yourself Build India’ hosted in Garo Hills

A Correspondent
TURA, April 30: In an effort to build strong moral values amongst children and youth of Garo Hills – Oneness Northeast – was held with a series of programmes in Tura town to better understand oneself so as to help the development of the country.
The event held on April 26 saw South Tura MLA Agatha K Sangma as the chief guest.
During the event, the youth icon for many in the State shared her vision for the youth of Meghalaya. In her speech she spoke of her vision for the youth of Meghalaya as well as her commitment to the preservation of environment and sustainable development. She also spoke of how hard work and belief in oneself was the bed rock of success while exhorting the youth to find their unique talent and excel in it.
Motivational speaker for the ‘Build Yourself Bold India’ mission, Vandanaji spoke of the necessity for building the youth of India with a view to empower oneself to build a strong and resilient India which is one of the abiding missions of visionaries Sri Amma Bhagavan, founders of the global connect ONENESS.
“Her teachings are admired the world over with utmost reverence as they say God is personal, religion is personal. We need to learn to connect to each other with a pure love-filled heart,” stressed the speaker.
“Youth empowerment is the need of the hour. India since time immemorial has been a spiritual destination the world over because of its spiritual, humane and humanitarian value system. However, that pristine glory has been lost with the erosion of those values. If India has to take its place as a global super power then it’s most valuable human resource,” she said.
The motivational speaker felt that the youth have to be motivated to be the very best in terms of values, happiness index, success, relationships and above all an awakened heart that is ready to face challenges and overcome obstacles to become the bedrock of a dynamic, resurgent India empowered with qualities of both brain and heart.