Cachar DC adopts tough posture against illegal structures

Our Special Correspondent
Silchar, April 4: Alarmed by the reports of rampant earth filling and other construction works in and around tural wetlands, water bodies, water channel and other low lying areas in the district of Cachar, the district administration has taken a serious view of the illegal activities and issued a cautiory order against those violating the standing rules and regulations for maintaining the fragile ecosystem. It has been warned that suitable pel action will be taken against those persons who persist in such illegal activities.
The wetlands and water bodies are unique tural draige system which works as outlet for draining out the sewage of this town and market places. It has further been stated that the filling up of these water bodies and wetlands as well as channel will cause irreparable damage to the tural eco-system of Cachar district and cause heavy floods and water loggings in the areas which will result in adding to the sufferings and miseries of the citizens.
In order to ensure safety of the general public as well as ensuring flow of storm water and prevent a disaster like situation, Lakshman S, IAS, Deputy Commissioner cum chairman, District Disaster Magement Authority, in exercise of the power conferred upon him under section 26 (2), section 30 (2) – iii, (v), xviii, section 34 (k), (m) of Disaster Magement Act, 2005, strict directions have been issued. No wetland, water bodies or tural channels should be filled up by any person or authority without valid permission from the DDMA or any competent authority.
It has also been made explicit that no authority including local authority is authorized to give permission to take up any construction activities in the tural wetlands and bodies in order to prevent any blocking of tural draige system. The order also directs all local authorities to take strict action against anybody to obstruct the tural draige system and exercise its power to remove or demolish it. Any violation of the directions issued is punishable under standing provisions of the Disaster Magement Act, 2005.
This direction will remain valid until further order and this is applicable within the jurisdiction of Silchar Municipal Board as well as in the entire Cachar district. It is relevant to mention here that the predecessor of Lakshman S, S Viswathan, IAS, Deputy Commissioner, after receiving complaints from the general public about the structures raised and further being raised on channels used as the tural outlet for draining out the excess rain waters and sewage of the town initiated tough measures against these uuthorized construction activities.
Viswathan did not hesitate to deploy bulldozers and excavators to demolish the constructions, a measure welcomed and appreciated by the citizens of this town. After his transfer, the land sharks and grabbers again became active to reconstruct the structures demolished. With the onset of rainy season, the fear has been lurking in the minds of citizens of tural disaster if such activities are not put to an end. The present Deputy Commissioner took note of the people’s concern and issued the directions to put check on them.