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Cachar Deputy Commissioner Laya Madduri Bans Use of Plastic

Himachal Pradesh
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Silchar: Deputy Commissioner of Cachar Laya Madduri on Tuesday held a meeting with the members of civil society, merchant association, market committee and individual owners of business establishments regarding the banning of all sorts of plastics in compliance with the latest Assam government notification. At the meeting it was decided unanimously that the plastics which are harmful to environment and health of the people will no longer be used and they should resort to alternative materials which are eco-friendly. Owners of various marriage halls located in Silchar town also agreed to use steel utensils during reception instead of single use plastics.

It is pertinent to mention here that according to latest notification issued by Department of Forest and Environment, Government of Assam, usage of any sorts of plastic is a punishable offence. If any person is convicted under this act he or she will have to go for imprisonment for the term of not less than 5 years or Rs. 1 lakh will be fined or both. Laya Madduri urged upon all the businessmen and common people to comply with the act. C Srinivasan, an expert on Solid and Liquid Resource Management System, spoke in detail with PowerPoint presentation as to how to avoid plastics during rituals.


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