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Cadian PM expected to visit India

New Delhi, Feb 25: Cadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is expected to make a state visit to India later this year, India’s High Commissioner-desigte to Cada Vikas Swarup said here on Saturday. “We expect the Cadian Prime Minister to visit India sometime later this year,” Swarup, who served as the spokesperson of the Exterl Affairs Ministry, said on the occasion of his farewell party. Prime Minister rendra Modi visited Cada in April 2015 during which India inked a multi-million-dollar deal for uranium to power its civilian nuclear programme for five years and also inked 13 agreements, including on skill development, following talks with then Cadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper. Modi’s was the first Indian prime ministerial visit to Cada in 42 years. Justin Trudeau, the son of former Cadian Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau, assumed office in November 2015. Of Cada’s population of over 35 million, around 1.3 million people are of Indian origin. (IANS)