Call to save old moral values, preserve nature and environment

A Correspondent
DHUBRI, April 25: A lively session of Dhubri Sanskrik Mahasabha was held with deliberation on cultural values and environment recently on World Earth Day at Dhubri Sahitya Sabha Bhavan. A session of deliberations on cultural values and environment were addressed by litterateurs, writers, poets and academicians of Dhubri district. President of Dhubri Sanskritik Mahasabha, Dr. Haricharan Das, while taking part in the deliberation, spoke at length on various issues afflicting sanskritik (cultural) life of the State and called upon the people engaged in different cultural, literary, poetic and creative works to save the old moral values that once shaped the lives.
 Citing from the Ved, Das also said during Vedic period, moral and cultural values were rich but due to invasion of western culture in the country, those values started gradually declining.
 “We must come forward to strike a balance between old and new culture or else practising western culture in the name of modernity will ruin our rich tradition, culture and values. We must also protect and preserve the cultural practices during Bihu because they teach us many a lesson of life and help us grow with cultural values,” Das added.  President of Gadadhar Kabi Chakra, Prof (retired) Devendra Nath Sarma also spoke about  cultural values and their rapid devaluation, and appealed to save them to build the society with moral values and culture.
 Speaking in the meet organized  on the occasion of World Earth Day, secretary of Dhubri Sanskritik Mahasabha, Ohid Khan Paris spoke at a length on the various environmental issues and called upon people to protect and preserve nature as it was being plundered clandestinely and senselessly in the name of progress and development.
 “Now time has come to save Mother Earth. We will have to be judicious in utilizing the resources and preserve and protect the earth at the same time,” Khan said.