Call to stop communal hatred and fight superstitious beliefs

Our Correspondent
Kokrajhar, June 11: Former Rajya Sabha MP Urkhao Gwra Brahma, while condemning the inhuman killing of two youths of Guwahati, Nilotpal Das and Abhijeet Nath in Dokmoka area of Karbi Anglong by a mob, said people of the State, irrespective of caste and creed, should come together to tackle the blind beliefs in the society. Brahma in a social networking site on Monday said, “Dokmoka incident has given us the opportunity to be united against the blind beliefs and ill practices. Instead of giving it communal colour, we should resolutely fight against this.” He said Nilotpal and Abhijeet, both were victims of such ill practice and blind belief, not of caste or communal hatred. But unfortunately a section of the so-called civilized society was desperately trying to turn it into that. He said that cultural world would have to take the lead the diffuse the tension culturally.

“I still remember, when there was trouble in the Bodo area during 1998-1999, a xur bahini travelled throughout the area and tried to convince the people to shun violence with the language of music,” he said. Brahma said culprits, irrespective of caste and religion, should be given exemplary punishment. This movement should be an inclusive social movement, not exclusive. He also said it was the time for the government to act and mobilize the society to join the movement to uproot ill practices and blind beliefs from the society.

The former MP also said that social media posts could be misleading at times and hence, people should listen to their conscience before reacting. Meanwhile, the Bodoland University Students’ Union staged a protest against the killing of two youths in Karbi Anglong at the premises of Bodoland University on Monday evening. The students of BU, local intellectuals and well-wishers took part in the demonstration. The BU Students’ Union called upon people to stop communal hatred and to come together to fight against superstitious beliefs.