Camaraderie between Rahul, Akhilesh enthuses workers

Jhansi, Feb 20: Once political rivals, Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi and Samajwadi Party (SP) leader Akhilesh Yadav seem to be sharing great camaraderie in Uttar Pradesh assembly polls for which their parties have stitched an alliance. The “chemistry” between these two is reflective in the election rallies where both leaders look in sync with each other whether it is the body language or the crowd pulling tactics.

The assembly polls are underway in India’s largest state. In one such rallies in Jhansi where Rahul Gandhi landed in a helicopter, the Congress leader waited for half an hour for Akhilesh Yadav only to go to the stage together.

When the duo reached, it looked as if they were from one party. Though their outfit was different, their style was alike.

While the Samajwadi Party leader wore white ‘kurta-pajama’ which was suggestive of him trying to establish himself as a rural leader, the Congress scion was in jeans and kurta with a scarf around his neck bearing his party’s symbol.

They were complimentary to each other in their speeches, seeming to have been scripted by one.

The outgoing Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister said bicycle — the SP’s electoral symbol — had gained speed while Rahul Gandhi remarked their friendship had changed the mood of Prime Minister rendra Modi and made him sweat. The workers in both parties are enthusiastic over the bonhomie.

“It is not difficult to change the course of politics when young leaders of same age join hands. It’s inspiring for youths as well,” Samajwadi Party leader Singhvrat Singh Yadav said.

“While BJP was resorting to commulism and catch phrases, these two talk about development and social harmony. Their togetherness is becoming the need of this state,” he added. “Congress’ ideology is the closest to socialist ideology. The new thinking of these two leaders will pave way for the progressive development. Their chemistry is great, which is a good coincident,” said Congress leader Ramkumar Shukla. (IANS)