Capture land from B’desh to settle immigrants: Antarashtriya Hindu Parishad (AHP) President Pravinbhai Togadia

Pravinbhai Togadia

Staff Reporter

GUWAHATI, July 18: Antarashtriya Hindu Parishad (AHP) president Pravinbhai Togadia has mooted that the India should capture Bangladesh land and settle 50 lakh illegal immigrants from the neighbouring country staying illegally in Assam if that country refuses to take them back.

Togadia, who arrived in Guwahati despite the prohibitory order imposed here, addressed the media at Guwahati on Wednesday. “No work permit must be issued to illegal immigrants. If Bangladesh does not accept the 50 lakh people, Indian Army must occupy a portion of land in Bangladesh and settle these people there,” the firebrand AHP leader said.

Togadia, who has been barred from addressing any public meetings in Guwahati by the Assam Police, addressed the media with a black bandana tied across his face. “The BJP came to power in Assam and at the Centre with a promise that 50 lakh illegal immigrants will be deported. In the run-up to the election in Assam, Sarbananda Sonowal made the promise of protecting ‘jaati, maati aru bheti’ of the State. However, in the last two years only 17 such foreigners were deported,” he said, and added: “Around 7,000 bigha xatra of land have been encroached upon by illegal immigrants in Assam.”

Togadia met Guwahati Police Commissioner Hiren Nath after Assam police barred him from holding meetings in Guwahati or making any speeches through any media in Guwahati for two months under Section 144 of CrPC. “The prohibitory order has violated my freedom of expression,” he said, and added: “Bangladeshis are being welcomed.”