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Cases of Aspergillosis, Another Post COVID Fungal Infection Reported: What is It?

Aspergillosis affects people with weaker immune systems. News cases of the fungal infection in recovered COVID19 patients have been reported in Vadodara on Thursday

Cases of Aspergillosis, Another Post COVID Fungal Infection Reported: What is It?

Sentinel Digital DeskBy : Sentinel Digital Desk

  |  2021-05-29T21:19:29+05:30

The surge in the number of 'The Balck Fungus' cases in India has caused a lot of fear and panic in people. Along with this, cases of yellow and white fungus have also come up. More than 11,000 cases of the 'The Black Fungus' have been detected so far in India. The majority of these cases have been reported from Maharashtra and Gujarat.
Recently, Vadodara has reported 8 cases of a new fungal infection named 'Aspergillosis'. Similar to The Black Fungus, aspergillosis is also seen as a post
Covid19 effect
. The cases in Vadodara have been reported from COVID19 recovered patients.
On Thursday, Vadodara has reported a total of 262 new Black Fungus cases and 8 aspergillosis cases.

What is the 'Aspergillosis' Fungus?
Aspergillosis has been seen in people with a weak immune system. It is an infection caused by the fungus ' Aspergillus' and is found in the environment. However, Pulmonary aspergillosis observed in the Covid19 recovered patients is rare.
As per the Centre for Disease Control and Prevention, aspergillosis is a common fungus that can be found indoors and outdoors as well. The fungus can cause allergic reactions and infections in organs of the body such as the lungs.
According to experts the 'Aspergillosis' is not as deadly as the black fungus but can still prove to be fatal.

Who is at risk?
According to experts, people with a compromised immune system are at higher risks of having complications due to Aspergillosis. Recovered Covid19 patients have reported cases of Aspergillosis and The Balck Fungus as well.
Experts say that the use of steroids in the treatment of COVID19 is one major reason behind the rising cases of Black Fungus.
The water used in the oxygen suppliers is also another reason behind the increasing number of black fungus cases in patients.
Therefore, Health professionals have been advised now to use steroids cautiously.

What are some of the Symptoms?
The symptoms of this fungus can vary from person to person depending on which type of Aspergillosis one is affected with. Different types of this particular fungus have different affects on the human body. Here are some symptoms one needs to watch out for.
One might have get fever and chills during the recovery period post Covid19. If the fever returns post infection one should see a doctor. And this might be due to fungal infection as well.

If the infection spreads to the lungs, one might have persistent coughing. In some cases, a person might also cough some amount of blood.

This fungus can also damage some lung tissues and cause difficulty in breathing. Feeling shortness of breath may hint that the infection has spread to the lungs.

The fungus enters the human body through the nose, therefore it affects the lungs, the sinus and can also lead to the brain. A person may start having headaches or eye irritations.

This fungus can also affect the skin and a person might have skin irritation, redness, swelling, blisters and itching.

A person with a weaker immune system might feel tiredness post covid. But if a person is infected by the fungus then a person might feel persistent tiredness or chronic fatigue syndrome.

Is there a Treatment for Aspergillosis:
If Aspergillosis is detected at an early stage it can be treated with the help of different medications. As per experts, the treatment of this fungus is same as that of the black fungus.
One might have to do a biopsy to take sample and to the test the lung tissues. Other test one might have to run are the blood tests, a chest X-ray, a CT Scan of the lungs and a septum stain and culture to check the bronchial mucus.

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