Centre for Islamic Studies opposes Citizenship (Amendment) Bill

A Correspondent
Dibrugarh, June 5: With many organizations taking hard-line positions on the Citizenship (Amendment) Bill, 2016, Centre for Islamic Studies (CIS), Dibrugarh, has also followed suit. In a recent press statement released by the organization, its president, Dr. Ahmedullah Khan and secretary, Sehir Ahmed have voiced their concerns over the bill and are apprehensive about the bill’s future status. Opining that the bill had the potential to inflict long-lasting damage on the greater Assamese community, they, at the same time, held that such a bill which sought to discriminate illegal immigrants on religious lines, would always stand unacceptable. Such an effort would end up mauling the very core of the Assamese culture and language, they observed on behalf of CIS.

Extending the organization’s support to the other indigenous groups opposing the proposed bill tooth and nail, they strongly hoped for the success of such protests.