Centre of Indian Trade Unions and Assam State Krishak Sabha Staged Jail Bharo

Jail Bharo
CITU, Assam State Krishak Sabha stage ‘Jail bharo’ programme


Bongaigaon: In support of various demands, CITU and Assam State Krishak Sabha staged a ‘Jail bharo’ programme in Bongaigaon on Thursday. The protest was led by Hareswar Das, president of CITU Bongaigaon and Chirang district, and Gajen Barman, president of Assam State Krishak Sabha, Bongaigaon and Chirang district.

Hareswar Das said that a large section of common people of India was fed up with the activities of the BJP government. “The anti-common man policy of this government is the main factor behind this. Prices of essential commodities are increasing day-by-day and farmers are compelled to commit suicide because of poverty. These are not signs of acche din at all. We demand that fuel prices should be reduced, privatization of public sector should be stopped and minimum monthly salary of contractual workers should be fixed at Rs 18,000,” he said. The protesters gathered in front of the DC office, Bongaigaon and staged protest. All the protesters were arrested and kept in Bongaigaon police station. Later they were released.

Doomdooma: In response to the ‘Jail bharo movement’ launched jointly by peasants and workers all over the country in protest against the anti-worker and anti-peasant policies of the BJP-led NDA government, a protest march was taken out by the members of the Centre for Indian Trade Union (CITU) and Assam State Krishak Sabha workers in Tinsukia from Tamulbari field to Thana Chariali and they courted arrest for blocking the road there for more than two hours.

They were later released at the Tinsukia Inspection Bungalow premises after signing of personal bonds. Braving the scorching sun, the peasants and workers assembled in large numbers and strongly demanded scraping of labour laws modified by the Central Government in favour of capitalist section, payment of minimum wage of Rs 18,000 to workers of unorganized sector, dissolution of Labour Welfare Society and abolishment of Fix Term Employment Act.