Centre sanctions Rs 308 crore for beautification of historic lakes

A Correspondent
Agartala, May 4:  The Centre has sanctioned Rs 308.81 crore for the beautification of six major lakes that were dug during the princely days at Udaipur, the head quarter of South Tripura district, where the famous Tripureswari temple is located.
State Minister for Tourism Pranajit Singha Roy said that the department would take a massive beautification programme to give a facelift to the lakes.
“We hope that it will attract more tourists to this historic town in the coming days,” Roy said. 
The six major lakes in Udaipur include Jagannatah Dighi, Amar Sagar, Mahadev Dighi, Dhani Sagar, Kalyan Sagar and Chandra Sagar. The minister was accompanied by tourism secretary and engineers, on Tuesday, and visited the six lakes to get first-hand information regarding its condition.
According to the plan, roads will be constructed in all sides of the lakes so that visitors can move around it. In addition, several other steps such as setting up of solar lights will also be taken up for beautification of the lakes.
Departmental sources said out of Rs 308.81 crore that has been sanctioned for the project, the Union Tourism Ministry has already released Rs 217.94 lakh and remaining amount of Rs 86.87 crore would be released after submission of the utilization certificate of the first installment.
The Tourism Minister said that several other departments like Rural Development, Horticulture, Science and Technology, among others would also be roped in for the development and beautification programme.
Udaipur was the capital of the Tripura kings in the seventeenth century and most of these lakes were dug during those days.
Optimistic over the move, Roy said he is hopeful that tourists flow to the historic town would increase manifold after the renovation and beautification programme gets completed.