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Chinese media warns India against using Dalai Lama card

Sentinel Digital DeskBy : Sentinel Digital Desk

  |  23 Dec 2016 12:00 AM GMT

Beijing, Dec 22: A Chinese newspaper on Thursday warned India against using the Dalai Lama and Mongolia against Chi, saying employing proxies to counter Beijing was way beyond New Delhi’s capability.

The Global Times, which is known to reflect the thinking of the Chinese leadership, called India a “spoilt kid,” and wondered what made India so confident when even the US thought twice before “messing” with Chi on sensitive issues.

The op-ed article in the daily came in the wake of the December 11 meeting that Indian President Prab Mukherjee had with the Tibetan spiritual leader.

India also pledged fincial support for Mongolia when Beijing punitively hiked tariff on trucks travelling through Chinese territory after Mongolia hosted the Dalai Lama. “New Delhi has long held the Dalai Lama issue as leverage that it can use against Chi. Mukherjee met the Tibetan separatist in exile in India this month, probably as moral support to Mongolia, which mired itself in diplomatic trouble after receiving the Dalai Lama in November,” said the Global Times article authored by Wen Dao.

“India wants to disturb Chi’s pace of development by taking advantage of Chi’s tiol and intertiol problems, most of which have nothing to do with India’s tiol interests,” Wen wrote. “India has used the Dalai Lama card from time to time in a retaliatory move against Chi,” it said. The Dalai Lama has lived in India since fleeing his homeland in 1959. The Global Times said Mongolia gave in to Beijing and said sorry for hosting the Dalai Lama before New Delhi could start the $1 billion credit line it had promised to Ulan Bator.

Mongolia “tried to seek support from India, hoping that by allying with Chi’s competitor, Beijing would be forced to give in”.

“India’s way of dealing with the issue shows, once again, the gap between its ambition and its strength. It is way beyond India’s capability to acquire leverage against Chi by employing a proxy or challenging Chi’s bottom line.”

The newspaper asked India to learn lessons how Beijing and US President-elect Dold Trump dealt with the situation after he spoke to Taiwanese President Tsai-ing Wen on telephone. “After putting out feelers to test Chi’s determition to protect its essential interests, Trump has met Chi’s restrained but pertinent counter-measures, and must have understood that Chi’s bottom line — sovereign integrity and tiol unity — is untouchable. “Even the US would have to think twice before it messes with Chi on such sensitive problems, so what makes India so confident that it could mage? “Sometimes, India behaves like a spoilt kid, carried away by the lofty crown of being ‘the biggest democracy in the world’. India has the potential to be a great tion, but the country’s vision is short-sighted.” (IANS)

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