Chinese Scientists Developed Nano ‘Trojan horse’ to Fight Cancer Tumours


Beijing: Chinese scientists have folded DNA molecules in an origami-like process to make a nano “Trojan horse”, which is thinner than 1/4000 of a hair and can release “killers” to fight cancer tumours.

All the blood, oxygen and energy are conveyed to cancer cells through blood vessels, so many scientists are trying to create blocks on the blood vessels feeding tumours, Xinhua news agency reported. Through precision control, researchers folded a single-strand DNA of a phage (a type of virus) into a rectangular sheet. Then they put four “killers” — molecules of thrombin (a clotting enzyme in blood plasma) — on the sheet and rolled them up. At the interface, “locks” made by fragments of nucleolin protein DNA were installed, forming a tube-shaped nano “Trojan horse” or nanorobot, which is 90 nanometers long and has a diameter of 19 nanometers. After injection, the “Trojan horse” travels in blood vessels and only tumours have the “key” to open the “locks”. (IANS)