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Citizens’ group writes to PM for extradition treaty


GUWAHATI, Feb 23: Failing to receive any response from the Exterl Affairs Ministry despite instruction from Prime Minister’s Office (PMO), garik Suraksha Mancha, Assam has once again written to Prime Minister rendra Modi demanding an extradition treaty between India and its neighboring countries.

The Mancha earlier on April 30, 2016, wrote a letter to the Prime Minister over the foreigners problem faced by the people of Assam due to absence of extradition treaties, and sought the same with the neighboring countries.

garik Suraksha Mancha, Assam president Bhadreswar Barman said that accepting the letter, the PMO on May 3, 2016, forwarded it to the Ministry of Exterl Affairs for necessary action.

“The PMO in a letter to the Exterl Affairs Ministry said that ‘reply may be sent to the petitioner and a copy of the same may be uploaded on the portal’, but till date we have not received any response from the Exterl Affairs Ministry,” Barman said. “Therefore, we have now written a fresh letter to the Prime Minister in this regard,” he said.

The letter sent to the Prime Minister said, “It is known that already 78,916 illegal foreigners have been identified by 100 foreigners tribuls in Assam. But the government failed to deport them to their concerned countries. A few numbers from total identified foreigners are kept in three detention camps in Assam but it is not known about remaining identified foreigners. Neither they are deported, nor imprisoned. Now, it is a demand of time to implement the Assam Accord, 1985 to make the State foreigners free.”