Colombian Police Moves Sniffer Dog to Safe Custody in the Wake of Threats From drug Gang

sniffer dog

A dog named Sombra has sniffed out 10 tonnes of the cocaine (drug). Intelligence sources said that the Urabenos is considered as Colombia’s most powerful criminal organization, and this gang had put a 200m-peso $70,000 price on the German Shepherd. The counter-narcotics police force has moved the German Shepherd from the gang’s heartland to the Bogota airport to ensure her safety.

The Bogota International Airport is considered safer for her, as it is outside the gang’s mainland.
Police stated that they will not take any risk for her safety and apart from her usual handler, she was now also accompanied by extra officers to secure her during deployments.

6-year-old Sombra before locating in ports on the Atlantic coast, including Turbo, a town from which tonnes of cocaine are shipped by speedboat and sometimes by the submarine to Central America and on to the United State. Sombra sniffed out 5.3 tonnes of cocaine from Turbo and recently found another four tonnes stashed in car parts meant for export.

The gang’s boss, Dairo Antonio Usuga also known as Otoniel, is one of the Colombia’s most wanted man. Much of the drug trafficking is controlled by the Urabenos, a gang, which is also known as the Usuga clan or Gulf clan.