Completion of Lakhimpur Bypass still a distant dream, Locals Allege Negligence of Authorities



LAKHIMPUR, July 20: At a time when the traffic problem in North Lakhimpur town has turned into a headache for the people of the district, the construction of the Lakhimpur bypass, which was planned as a solution to the problem, is proceeding at a snail’s pace. Due to the alleged negligence and lackadaisical attitude of the department concerned and the contractor company, the construction of the bypass has remained incomplete for six long years.

The construction of the bypass, estimated to cost over Rs 90 crore, was started in 2012 with a view to mitigate the traffic jam in the town. Unfortunately, the contractor company named has failed to complete the construction of the 12.2 km long by-pass despite the passage of six long years. On the other hand, the National Highway Authority of India has accomplished its responsibility just by issuing reminders to the contactor company. Meanwhile the people have expressed disgust at the attitude of the National Highway Authority and the contractor company. The Deputy Commissioner of the district has also been vehemently criticized by the aggrieved people.

On the other hand, the planned culvert on the NH-15 at Gendhali under Nowboicha has not yet been constructed. Though the portion eroded by flood was repaired, the issue of non-constructing the culvert has exposed the irresponsibility of the National Highway Authority towards ensuring the public-friendly condition of the highway. Similarly, the PWD department as well as the Lakhimpur district administration have not repaired the affected portion of the Pahumara and Kimin PWD road at Pahumara which was also washed away last year by flood caused by Ranganadi river.