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Confusion Grips Assam as ‘What’s Next’ for Over 40 Lakh Applicants Left Out in Final Draft NRC?

NRC Final Draft
Registrar General of India Sailesh (Right) addressing Press Conference in Guwahati

#What Will Be The Fate of These 40 lakh People Whose Names Were Not Enlisted in the Final Draft NRC?

Guwahati: A major beef-up in security arrangements have been witnessed in Assam, while Guwahati being at the centre of it after the long-awaited Final Draft NRC was released on Monday, here.

With over 40 lakh people having their names dropped down from the Final Draft of the National Register of Citizens (NRC), serious concerns have been raised from several quarters as most people are clueless about what to be done next or that is their fate now.

There were major security arrangements and an additional 220 companies of the Central Armed Force have been dispatched to Assam and its nearby states in order to control the situation.

The centre advised that the Central Forces will be stationed here till the Procedure of Final Draft NRC release is complete.


Additional Armed Forces Deployed after Publication of Final Draft NRC

The Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) Joint Secretary (North-East), Satyendra Garg assured the lakhs of panic stuck people that simply based on the second and final draft, there will be absolutely no reference to Foreigner tribunals or Detention Camps.

File Photo of Detention Camp

Speaking to the Media during a press conference earlier this morning, Garg urged the people of Assam to keep calm and not to panic, “We have given sufficient assurance to the state government. If anyone creates mischief, they will be strictly dealt with.”

Registrar General of India, Sailesh, further informed that, “those names which appeared on the first draft, but are missing in the final draft, they will be provided an individual letter to file a claim for their non-inclusion during claims and objections.

Left: NRC State Coordinator Prateek Hajela, Centre: Registrar General of India Sailesh, Right: Joint Secretary, MHA (NE)- Satyendra Garg        (File Photo)


It may be mentioned that, from August 30 to September 28, the process of making claims and objections will be conducted. Reports on Final Draft NRC suggest that out of the total 3,29,91,385 applicants, 2,89,83,677 have been found eligible for their names to be included in the complete draft of NRC.

Meanwhile, there are 40,07,708 applicants whose names have not appeared in the Final Draft NRC that has been released today. As per the NRC officials and Registrar General Sailesh, these applicants will be provided ample chance of re-verification during claims and objections period of the NRC.