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Congress, BJP not factors in BTC elections: Derhasat

Congress, BJP not factors in BTC elections: Derhasat

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KOKRAJHAR, April 3: With the BTC polls approaching, no one is sitting idle but working overtime to make sure of their victory in the April 8 battle where all political parties as well as the independent candidates backed by different organizations and parties are participating this time.

The candidates of respective parties have been busy in their campaignigs that would be continuing till 6 pm of April 6.

BTC chief Hagrama Mahilary's wife Seuli Brahma Mohilary, who recently grabbed headlines in media for campaigning against BPF candidate in Porbhotjhora, today attended an election meeting for Baokhungri constituency.

In Salakati (ST) constituency, the sitting EM of BTC Derhasat Basumatary, who is one of the most prominent members of the council has been campaigning in his constituency in a massive way to regain the seat.

He is working overtime attending the polls meeting in every nook and corner from morning to evening with his supporters. Since Basumatary is considered to be one of the most successful EMs of BTC who has brought an enormous change in his constituency by bringing a lot of infrastructure development including upgrading of all roads and bridges has been receiving vast public support.

In a meeting at Dharampur village, Basuamtary said that he has contested for the third time on the demand of people. He said that the people from all communities have been extending their support to for development in the constituency. "The main contest is likely to take place between the candidates backed by the People's Coordition of Democratic Rights (PCDR) Hitesh Mashahary and Arpa Das backed by Sonmilito Jagostiya Aikya Manch", he said adding that "this time the tiol political parties like Congress and BJP are fielding candidates but they are not factor as they never give importance on the local issues." He also said "the BJP candidate from Salakati was not at all factor as people do not support the BJP candidate for her deceitful manner who being the Chairman of the Bodoland Regiol Apex Weavers' and Artisans Federation (BRAWFED) failed to satisfy the people."

Basuamtary said that the candidate of PCDR Hitesh Mashahary was backed by ABSU. He said "the ABSU which is the organization of the student has directly involved in the election that is largely discarded by the people. The villagers would not support the candidate backed by ABSU and without the support of the villagers, the claim of the PCDR would not bear fruits as the people can understand what politics they are playing."

He also said that his victory is eminent this time too as voters from all communities are with him. Basumatary today attended the meeting at Karigaon, Dogorpara, Bhutiapara, Dharampur, Salakati etc. and appealed the people to extend their support to him for development of the region.

In Baokhungri ST constituency, existing MCLA Doneswar Goyary was also seen busy at in his constituency. He attended number of meetings today including Habrubari, Tengapara, Tengapara (Middle), Mwiderkhoro etc. and called upon the people to cast their vote for BPF backed candidates for the stability and economic development of the region. He said that as many as eight candidates are in fray for Baokhungri constituency this time, but there was no candidate who is likely to be factor for him. He said, "The PCDR backed candidates could have been a factor for the BPF but they are now divided house as two candidates –Gorjan Mashahary and Manjil Basumatary from the same boat are contesting in the same constituency where their voters is clearly seen to be shattered."

Goyary said, "The BJP candidate Rajkumar Brahma had no public base in Baokhungri and he was defeated in the last BTC election with him when at that time he had strong supporters. In the last BTC election also, the people thought that Rajkumar Brahma will win but the people rejected for reason best known to them and this time, his dream to win is bleak." He also said,"The Congress has no base in Baokhungri and independent candidates like Baleswar Basumatary, Pradip Rabha have no public support and one Mahesh Das backed by Jonogostiya Aikya Manch who is from Tupulia in Baksa district is not known to the voters."

It may be mentioned that there are 41,030 voters in 11 No Baokhungri ST constituency and 43,764 voters in 12 No Salakati ST constituency in Kokrajhar sub division. In Baokungri constituency there are eight candidates in fray- Doneswar Goyary(BPF), Gorjan Mashahary (Backed by PCDR), Raj Kumar Brahma (BJP), Baleswar Basumatary (Ind), Pradip Rabha (Ind), Rajesh Brahma (Cong), Mahesh Das Backed by Aikya Manch) and Manjil Basuamtary (Ind). Meanwhile, in Salakati, there are five candidates contesting in the BTC elections. They are- Derhasat Basumatary (BPF), Hitesh Mashahary (Backed by PCDR), Arpa Das (Backed by Aikya Manch), Maloti Rani rzary (BJP) and Driti Sundar Basumatary (Con). Apart from this, the wife of Hagrama Mohilary, BPF president- Seuli Brahma Mohilary today attended the campaign meeting of BPF candidate Doneswar Goyary at Middle Tengapara. The meeting was also addressed by MLA Pramila Rani Brahma, BPF spokespersons Prabin Boro and president of Kokrajhar district BPF- rayan Basumatary.

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