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Conscious voting should be the watchword for Assembly polls

Sentinel Digital DeskBy : Sentinel Digital Desk

  |  4 April 2016 12:00 AM GMT


The ritual of gaining and losing the political battle, through the corridor of secret ballot, is to be fought among the power-hungry political party leaders, with both the opposition and the incumbent fully geared up to face the electoral trial to be held under the democratic process in this part of the country.

Question lies who to be blamed, the elected or the electorate? Yes, indeed the elected are to be held responsible for misleadingly churning the belief of the electorate. Every five years people, spelled by the promise of economic and social progress, have been casting their votes, yet the magic vanishes once power is gained for pocketing uccounted riches. Well, if pondered over, people give their elected representatives the authoritative power to solve their tribulations yet the faith is shaken soon when dreams for a secured life is bartered for selfish gains. The constancy of mind for rebuilding the lost trust of voters gets swayed away by the chosen legislative members’ ibility to provide them their basic needs.

If looked at the past election records, this year people are seen to be confused between the self-voiced progress version of the hand and the lotus, although the regiol symbolic supporting camps in cohesive or clandestine appearance, were not seem to accepted by the party workers for staging their selfish policy of shifting party camps, just for the sake of clutching the seat of power. No doubt these self-seeking party candidates, ignoring the sentiments of the people who chose them after every five years as representatives of the Legislative Assembly, continue to spell the magic of replicated hopes of ushering in positive development in their constituencies.

Practically the enticement politics of sharing out material benefits, amongst the voters is being carried out at whenever election knocks on the doorstep, but on the reaching the seat of governce, the voters’ indispensable needs and facilities gets shrouded under the umbrella of heedless political bargaining. Confusion on who will make it to through and who would be brushed away from the regiol political sphere of influence, still prevails as the regiol parties, trying to secure their political foothold, were seen busy to set their cards with the other political parties .

These parties by sacrificing the cause of the State, which remains to be plagued by the issues of granting of citizenship to alien tiols who have entered the country from the neighboring country, the anticipated imminent threats to be cause by the construction of the Lower Subansiri Project dam, failed to take up the issue at the Central level even after being represented by leaders who had vouched for securing the indigenous rights of the people. Failing to put place the cause of the people in their priority list, regiol political parties seem to have lost their credibility and the disagreement on their political ties with the Central ruling party may hold back their dreams of receiving their past glory and relevance.

Viewing the threats to the integral and demographic harmony of the State, a wave of appeal has been intensifying , as like-minded social activists , litterateurs, educationists and political thinkers have called upon the people to exercise conscious vote , in order to elect their representatives who would work to secure the secular, democratic and linguistic and integrated unity of the State and reject those who sponsor the principles of religious extremism by trying to paint the country with the saffron color for gratifying their interests of margil discrimition.

Nevertheless, all bad forgotten and hopes tried to be reaffirmed, the people of the State with firm conviction of welcoming good days will again be exercising their votes. Thus, conscious and ethical voting, if tallied without being tempted by money-oriented yearning, would lend a hand in forming a constructive government.

The election campaign that concluded on April 2, after holding rallies of verbal accusations by tiol and regiol parties who failed to deliver their past promises and the incumbent government even being shaded by the stigma of corruption, had called upon the people to repose their faith in them for taking forward the development works, is left to be best addressed by the voters’ verdict to be delivered on May 19, as people need a government who will protect and not disregard the sheltered rights of the indigenous people.

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