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Cuisines and recipes fair with varied tastes

Cuisines and recipes fair with varied tastes

Sentinel Digital Desk

Special Correspondent

SILCHAR, January 17: It will be a novel and different fair from the usual affairs. People of this town will have the opportunity to not only see for themselves the cuisines and recepies of varied taste but also satiate their choicest of sumptuous dishes. In fact, such fun fare will be first of its kind here. Usually, the citizens of metropolitan cities have the options to visit restaurants and coffee houses and even eateries, known for dishing out the best and tasty food items, Indian, Chinese and continental, on weekends as well as on the days of their rest and retirement from the dull, drab and dismal routines of their life for a change of taste.

People of this town, of course, with limited resources have to change their taste often with fast food, now dubbed as junk by the medical experts. Youths in particular, both boys and girls, make a beeline before road side stalls or inns in the evening and consume all that are served on their plates without a thought about their harmful effect on health and hygiene. Cases of heart attacks, liver and lung damages and even kidney failures among the youths in their prime of life are now a common phenomenon.

The 12 day Inter State Food Fair billed as "A taste of differences" hosted by Dawat Caterers and Associates in association with @solution from January 26 to February 6 at District Library is expected to provide the opportunity to the food lovers to be familiar with the diversities in terms of their cuisines and recepies. The organisers in turn hope to get their feedback about experiencing with the enormous varieties of food habits and provide the platform for get together.

Apart from tasting the wide range of various Indian zol cuisines and recopies, the more than a week fair will offer lot of amusement for children and entertainment for families. The centre of attraction for the kids and little grown ups will be a park of recreation with Chhota Bheem. Above all, the primary objective is to bring together people of different communities and promote the concept of love, friendship and fraternity. The regiol integration, an essence of tiol integrity and solidarity, will be the theme of the fair and this will also be the core message.

In order to make the fair broad –based and participatory, organisers have kept the door open for individuals or associations for their involvement. This valley being homes to 16 different tribal groups, they have also been asked to make their presence during the period of fair and present their traditiol food items. The most popular local item known in colloquial language as "Chunga Peetha" will be prepared on the spot and sold to the visitors. The specialty of it is the use of a particular variety of rice (Biruni) kept inside bamboo and then boiled. The organisers welcome all those who want to have the taste and fun in the fair that will open from 11 am to close at 9 pm everyday.

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