Debolal Gorlosa Dismisses Allegations Against Him by Miput Rajiyung alias Action Dimasa

Debolal Gorlosa
Debolal Gorlosa dismisses allegations against him

A Correspondent

Haflong: The Chief Executive Member (CEM) of North Cachar Hills Autonomous Council (NCHAC), Debolal Gorlosa dismissed the allegations made against him by Miput Rajiyung alias Action Dimasa regarding the killings of former CEM Prunendu Langthasa and former EM Nindu Langthasa way back in 2007. He termed the allegations as ‘false, baseless, fabricated and politically motivated’ to malign his image. Gorlosa was addressing a press meet at his official residence at Haflong on Sunday in presence of Dima Hasao district BJP president Nipolal Hojai and legal adviser Dayamani Singh.

He said that this was a cheap political game of the Congress and AGP since the leaders of both the parties had nothing to say regarding the development of the district. The CEM said, “There is no truth in the statement of Action Dimasa and there is a process of law so no one can demand anyone’s arrest. Let the law take its own course. I have trust in the judiciary of my country. If anything is found against me, I will abide by the law.”

Appealing to the people of Dima Hasao, CEM Gorlosa said they should not be misguided by the false and mischievous propaganda of the opposition parties because the opposition parties were not in favour of the development of the district and its people.

Meanwhile, Dima Hasao district BJP president Nipolal Hojai, while addressing a press meet held at the Town Raji Hall in Haflong on Sunday, also said that it was a conspiracy of the opposition parties to create confusion among the people of the district. “Regarding tomorrow’s 10-hour bandh called by Dima Hasao DCC(I) Hojai, we will submit representation to the administration and also appeal to withdraw the bandh in public interest,” he said.