Demand for proper construction of Khejurband-Koladisa road

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A Correspondent

Haflong, July 15: Senior citizen Bahim Chandra Langthasa has demanded proper and systematic construction of the Khejurband-Koladisa road while appreciating the Finance Minister’s announcement of construction of five roads, including KK Road. Langthasa, while addressing a press meet in Haflong on Saturday, said the minister’s announcement of construction of five roads was not a new proposal, except only KK Road and Semkhor Road. He said some members of Langting Dibu Well-wishers’ Committee had been demanding that the Kalachand (Badsa Bari) to Kaladisa road, 72 km in length, should be made motorable.

They suggested that first the entire road should be resurveyed to shorten the length of the road. In this regard, clearance from the Ministry of Forest and Environment might be required as the road passes through the Langting-Mupa Reserve Forest. The work should be allotted to a reputed national construction company and quality construction work should be ensured with proper side drains, proper cambering, super elevation, soling, consolidation and black topping. Collection of materials from the river bed for road construction should be avoided as the local river bed had already been over extracted, said Langthasa.