Demand for ST status to Barman Kacharis grows stronger

From a Correspondent

TANGLA, Feb 9: The 2nd triennial convention of All Assam Nikhil Barman Kachari Students’ Union, Tangla regiol committee concluded with a two-day colorful programme at Saranpara on the outskirts of Tangla on Thursday.

Various cultural programmes were held on the concluding day event and cultural troupes also performed on traditiol songs. An open session was also held where  Madhab Barman, secretary said, “Barman -Kacharis are one of the ancient inhabitants but our political rights have been deprived by vested circles.”

Addressing the gathering, president of All Assam Barman-Kachari Students’ Union Motilal Barman said, “Though the country acquired independence70 years, back yet the community seems to be deprived of their constitutiol right.” He further said that the community enjoyed ST status in Barak valley but vested political circles had deprived the people of the community in the Brahmaputra valley of their due rights.

“Though Barman-Kachari community finds its place in the list of 14 scheduled tribal communities of Assam, yet it is an irony that Tribal Sangha doubts our tribal identity,” added the student leader.