Demand to appoint doctors, staff at Bardangerikochi PHC


GORESWAR, Feb 9: The people of Bardangerikochi, Pubparlokra, Khepkochi, Mahajanpara, Gakjhar, Jatiyabhangara, Lokrabargar and Garogaon villages under Rangiya subdivision have alleged apathy of the State Health Minister, Dr. Himanta Biswa Sarma regarding appointment of doctors and nurses at Bardangerikochi Health Sub-centre located near Gashbari Chowk of Patidarrang mouza under Kamalpur LAC.

The required staff quarters and fourth grade employees’ quarters had been completed in 2006. Besides, the electricity wiring was also completed in the main building as well as the staff quarters in 2009. But the required doctors, nurses and fourth grade employees have not been appointed at this health sub-centre despite the repeated appeals of the people of the area, resulting poor patients of the area being deprived of proper treatment.

Only one ANM visits the sub-centre in a week from Bihdia block PHC located 12 km away at Belko Chowk since the past few months. On the other hand, due to non-appointment of the required doctors, nurses and fourth grade employees, the staff quarters and the main building have been covered by wild creepers. Besides, the roof sheet of the doctor’s quarter was blown away by a storm last year.