Demand to complete construction of Deroi Bridge

A Correspondent
JOYSAGAR, May 1: The local villagers of the greater Bokota, Khamun, Haripora and Betbari area under Sivasagar district have demanded to the district administration as well as the PWD authorities to complete the long-pending construction of the busy Deroi Bridge over the Deroi River near Haripara Ali under Sivasagar PWD Road division.
The Deroi Bridge is the only communication link between the greater Bokota, Khamun area and other parts of Betbari, Parijat and Sepon. The construction work of Deroi Bridge was inaugurated during the reign of the former Congress government in 2001. But after competition of about 45 per cent work, for some unknown reason the contractor firm stopped the construction work and since then for 17 long years, the busy Deroi Bridge has remained incomplete due to which local villagers have to use an alternative route. But this route takes time and people have to cover a longer distance. Local villagers have demanded completion of the construction work of the Deroi Bridge.