Demand to name Bogibeel Bridge after Sati Sadhani

A Correspondent
Dibrugarh, April 19: Around 200 members of Chutiya Yuva Sanmilan, Assam, staged a sit-in on Thursday while demanding the under-construction Bogibeel Bridge to be renamed as Sadhani Setu – after the brave and well-known queen of the erstwhile Chutia dynasty, Sati Sadhani.
Along with that, there was also a demand to declare Sati Sadhani Divas, which is observed annually on April 21, as a State holiday. In the memorandum submitted to the Chief Minister, the Chutiya Yuva Sanmilan, Assam, members put forth several justifications for their demands, including the indigenous community being older than the Ahom community and the rich history of the Chutia dynasty. Moreover, the members also claimed that since the three existing bridges on the Brahmaputra river were already named in honour of the Koch and Ahom dynasty, that is to say, Naranarayan Setu, Saraighat Bridge and Kaliabhomora Setu, the fourth one must be named after Sati Sadhani as a mark of respect to the age-old history of the Chutiyas. The members, through the memorandum, requested the Chief Minister to consider their long-standing demands, and accordingly, pay due recognition to the community.