Demand to rehabilitate erosion victims, MLA Utpal Dutta’s effigy burnt


LAKHIMPUR: The erosion victims of Pub Sagolikota under Mohaijan area in Lakhimpur district have still not been rehabilitated. As many as 200 families who lost their homes and properties in the devastating erosion caused by the Subansiri have to live on the Subansiri embankment year after year. The State Government in the past and present has taken the rehabilitation issue of these erosion victims lightly, as a result of which they have to suffer a lot, being deprived of their minimum right of living a normal life in their own homes. Similarly, the lackadaisical attitude on the part of the local MLA Utpal Dutta towards their miseries has added insult to their injuries.

So, the people of Pub Sagolikota on Tuesday burnt the effigy of MLA Utpal Dutta while expressing their vehement resentment against him regarding the issue at a time when he was busy in various foundation stone-laying programmes till Monday midnight keeping in mind the forthcoming panchayat poll.

They further staged a four-hour long sit-in at Pub Sagalikota by the side of Subansiri River under the auspices of Mohainjan regional unit of Takam Mising Porin Kebang (TMPK) and Ghagar Subansiri Gorakhahaniya Surakhsya Sangram Samiti. The people demanded the government to rehabilitate the 200 erosion-affected families soon and to launch effective erosion-prevention measures in Subansiri River for permanent resolution of the burning problem. They shouted various slogans in support of their demands and flayed the indifferent attitude of the State Government by displaying placards.

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