Demand to replace old CCTV cameras

A Correspondent

Dibrugarh, July 12: In the aftermath of the two recent ghastly crimes committed on train, the security arrangements of the Banipur Railway Station are allegedly lying in tatters. Out of the eight CCTV cameras that were installed in the station for security reasons, five of them have not been functioning for months. Worse still, even the remaining cameras fail to serve the purpose, for they cannot record the images or scenes properly.

Despite incidents of transportation of illegal drugs through the station in the past, the railway officials, for reasons known best to them, did not bother to take the security issue into serious consideration, and initiate the basic safety steps in the station premises.

Even in the past, the public had demanded stepping up of security provisions in Banipur Railway Station but these pleas were given a cold shoulder by the officials concerned. However, in the light of the crimes that have taken everyone by surprise and shock, the prospective passengers here have intensified their demands for enhanced security and are seeking a complete replacement of the old CCTC cameras with new ones.