Deplorable condition of Goreswar- Khairabari PWD road


GORESWAR, Feb 13: The people of Baksa and Udalguri districts in BTAD, belonging to the two Legislative Assembly constituencies of Rangiya and Paneri LAC, have expressed strong resentment over the pathetic condition of the Goreswar- Khairabari PWD road.

This important PWD road, which also links to Tangla town of Udalguri district, has not been repaired for the last 10 years despite the repeated appeals of the local people to the authorities concerned as well as the PWD minister and the two local BTC EMs of Goreswar and Bhergaon BTC constituencies.

The road is full of large potholes which make it difficult for vehicles to pass. The people have alleged that the BTC government and the former Congress government had failed to keep their promises to improve the PWD road condition and had turned a deaf ear to the reiterated demands of the people. The present BJP government and local MLAs of Rangiya and Paneri LACs have also allegedly not paid any attention to the appeals of the people of Baksa and Udalguri districts for repairing this PWD road.

The people have demanded that the road should be repaired soon for better communication.