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Deplorable condition of Kamala Bari Road irks people of Lakhimpur




LAKHIMPUR: The deplorable condition of Lakhimpur Kamala Bari connecting road has caused a lot of suffering to people of the district. Despite being the most important road in the district under Lakhimpur LAC for rural connectivity as well as the shortest route to Majuli from North Lakhimpur town, the poor condition of the road has made the people of the southern part of the district suffer a lot. At present, the condition of the road, which is widely known as KB Road, from Ulubari via Panigaon Chariali to Simaluguri is pitiable.

The repair work of the road has not been taken up as yet due to the alleged lackadaisical attitude of State PWD Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma, Lakhimpur MLA Utpal Dutta and the department concerned, despite the fact that a fund of Rs. 6,24,14,300 under SOPD was allotted more than a month ago. All the official and administrative formalities for the repair work have been done in the Guwahati office of the department concerned. As per a source, some ‘significant formalities’ are still been pending and hence the contractor has not been able to get the work order.

The State PWD Minister had announced in an election campaign meeting held at Azad-Bahpati just before the panchayat poll that the road would be constructed soon after the poll. However, nothing seems to have been done in this regard.

MLA Utpal Dutta, on January 5, had declared before Lakhimpur media persons that the repair work of the road would be started very soon after completion of all formalities. He said this at a press meet at Lakhimpur Circuit House held on the occasion of the inauguration of the construction works of 10 roads under his LAC. Despite all these declarations by the minister and the MLA, repair work of the road still continues to remain a distant dream.

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