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Deplorable condition of PWD roads

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GOLAGHAT, May 9:  In Golaghat district, the pitiable PWD roads expose the real picture of development in road connectivity. Most of the important PWD roads are in a deplorable condition. The roads via Golaghat to Bokakhat, Golaghat to Dergaon, Golaghat to Kamargaon, Golaghat to Sarupathar, Dhodor Ali are the lifelines for most people of  Golaghat district but the pathetic condition of the connecting roads have made their life miserable.
 Passengers have to travel with great risk through these connecting PWD roads as the condition of the roads in many places is deplorable since the past several months. The roads are full of potholes and often road accidents take place. The conscious people several times lodge complaint at the authority concerned but the PWD appears helpless due to lack of fund to repair the roads. The PWD has been trying to fill up the potholes by using soil to fill them up.

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