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Despite potential, State imports fish from other states

By our Staff Reporter
GUWAHATI, Feb 9: Assam imports fish from other states like Andhra Pradesh despite having huge potential for fish farming.  “Assam imports fish from other states though the state has huge potential for fish farming in water resources such as ponds, tanks, beel, oxbow lake, swamps, low lying (areas) and reservoirs,” said a fishery department official.  The official said during the last four years, Assam has imported fish, mainly from Andhra Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh and West Bengal.  Sources said that the Assam Apex Cooperative Fish Marketing and Processing Federation Ltd (Fishfed) Assam has around 500 bighas of unused lands.303 bighas at Silsako in Morigaon, 62 bighas at Amaingaon, 8 bighas at Topatoli in  Jagiroad, 120 bighas at Kakodonga in Jorhat are left unused. Fishfed generates fish from beels at Kokadonga, Tokoubari, Rupgar and Morikolong. “We generate revenue from the production and selling of fish. Government doesn’t allot funds to Fishfed. There is a desperate need to be self- sufficient let alone the 256 societies across Assam. We have 30 employees. Out of which 22 are regular and 8 casuals. Rs 5 lakh 60 thousand is the required for salaries and we are getting 2 lakh 40 thousand as of now,” an official said. Fishfed generates 50000 kg fish yearly. It has four operatiol vans in the city.