Devotees throng Shiva Dol in Joysagar

From a Correspondent
JOYSAGAR, Feb 25:  Sri Sri Maha Shivaratri Puja was observed with fervour and enthusiasm in the historic Ranga th Shiva Dol in the Joysagar area of Sivasagar. The mighty Ahom King Shiva Shingha established this Shiva Dol near the Talatal Ghar of Joysagar. The Dol is still believed by the devotees as a lively temple and every year Sri Sri Shivaratri Puja is held by the temple authorities and the local residents of greater Joysagar area. Thousands of devotees early in the morning queued in front of the Dol to offer puja and milk and holy water on the Shiva Linga of the Dol. A temporary mela was also organized in Joysagar and Talatal Ghar Road.