Diabetic retinopathy camp held

SHILLONG, June 16: Governor V Shamuganthan in his address at the diabetic retinopathy camp in Shillong on Thursday said, “Diabetes, the cause of which includes obesity and lifestyle changes, is a gateway to many other diseases.” He also stressed on the fact how diabetic retinopathy has come to be a cause of blindness. The governor also interacted with the people on blindness, diabetes and allied complications as well as the preventive measures. Former Chief Secretary of the State, WMS Pariat said, “Diabetes has come to be a problematic disease since it is an ailment with no clear symptoms, making it hard to detect. It becomes essential to undergo tests from time to time in order to know if one has any signs of this disease.” Kirza B. Kirstensen, Senior Programme Mager, World Diabetes Foundation, Denmark, in her speech said, “My foundation is currently supporting 200 projects worldwide with 10 % of those projects in India.”  “Diabetes has reached epidemic proportions today, leading to complications like stroke, kidney problems, blindness and amputations,” she further said.