Digvijay Singh takes ‘Gadha’ rhetoric to next level

NEW DELHI, Feb 24: Digvijay Singh filly broke his silence and took the “‘Gadha”‘ rhetoric to the next level by saying that Prime Minister, rendra Modi was exactly working like a donkey. He agreed with Akhilesh Yadav who a few days back had taken a jibe in a very poetic manner on Prime Minister rendra Modi and actor Amitabh Bachchan saying that he should stop advertising for donkeys of Gujarat. Taking that forward and trivialising the politics further, Digvijay Singh in more explicit way attacked the Prime Minister, rendra Modi and party President, Amit Shah further.

Yadav, the chief minister of U.P and the Samajvadi candidate has been very upfront with trivialising politics. In another jibe he hit out at PM’s “Mann Ki baat’ and said, “It’s high time PM stops doing “Mann Ki baat” and focuses on important things”. Akhilesh, in one of his elections rallies had also said that “Modiji respects Ganga a lot, I would like to ask him to swear and tell if Varasi receives 24 hours of electricity or not”. The question, however, is to what extent can people holding public offices stoop to this level? It is indeed a very poor show with all the candidates trading persol attacks on each other. We understand that Uttar Pradesh is a very important state but a certain decorum in speech is essential. Prime Minister Modi had also earlier said that “Discrimition is the biggest problem in Uttar Pradesh. There is discrimition in the roots of injustice…you tell me, isn’t there a discrimition? “I am surprised. If you ask a Dalit, he says they (Akhilesh government) are not giving what is my right and it goes to OBCs. When you ask OBCs, they say he (Akhilesh) doesn’t give me what is my right but only to Yadavs. When you ask Yadavs, they say he (Akhilesh) gives only to people associated with his family and the rest to Muslims. “Everyone is complaining. Brothers and sisters, this discrimition can’t be allowed. …everyone should get what is their right. This is ‘Sabka Saath, Sabka Vikas’… Brothers and sisters, if a ‘Kabristaan’ is constructed in a village, then the ‘shamshan‘ should also be set up in the village. If one gets electricity during Ramzan, then one should get electricity in Diwali also. If one gets electricity during Holi, then one should get it during Eid also. There should not be any discrimition. It is the duty of the government to run a discrimition-free administration.” PM Modi’s also attacked the other political opponent and very important candidate–Ms Mayawati by saying that the BSP actually meant “Behenji Sampati Party’. (Agencies)