Dima Hasao people urged to maintain peace

A Correspondent
Haflong, June 15: The Dima Hasao district administration has appealed to the people of Dima Hasao not to be swayed away by rumours instigating hatred, mostly on social media. There have been reports that some people are spreading rumours and posting objectionable updates through social media, thereby indulging and instigating the users to make communal and objectionable comments on such posts.

The appeal read further not to react to such posts that may be a threat to the peace and tranquillity in the district. Social media can be wonderful medium of expression but this should be used judiciously just as the social etiquettes giving greater sense of freedom of expression through online networks. Any comment or post that might hurt the sentiments of an individual, community, religion or organization directly or indirectly is termed offensive and Assam Police has taken the matter seriously and action is already being taken against such rumour mongers. People have been urged that in any course of time if such offensive posts, updates or comments are seen on social media, they should act immediately by informing the district administration or the Assam Police.