Disbanded ANVC-B threatens government


SHILLONG, Feb 5: The disbanded ANVC-B has threatened the MUA-II government led by Congress that they will make sure the party is ousted from Garo Hills in the 2018 assembly elections. The threat from the disbanded militant group, who had surrendered in front of the state government in 2014, came after they had alleged that the government has not respected the peace agreement signed by them and the state government including the central government. Fentom Sangma, Political Secretary, ANVC-B, in a statement released on Sunday, said, “If the does not listen then we will be force to take up the matter in Court and in 2018 we will make sure that the corrupt Congress government is ousted from Garo Hills politics.” The ANVC-B has further alleged that the state government is attempting to create division amongst the leaders and the cadres of the surrendered militant outfit.